Pre-op Doctor Appointment

I’ve got the all clear despite learning that I’ve got a hiatal hernia. The surgeon is going to repair the hernia prior to proceeding with surgery. I had no clue I had such a thing! The PA said my stomach had slid up into my esophagus (which explains all the recent acid reflux!). So, they’re going to stuff it back down and put a stitch in my esophagus to keep it put.

I kept reading and hearing about “the binder” referencing something that weight loss surgery patients get. Well, I got my binder today along with a bunch of information.

I will be wrapping up my liver shrinking diet at noon on the 19th. Then, it’s clear liquids for the rest of the day.

I am to drink a full sugar Gatorade that isn’t red the night before surgery and two hours prior to my arrival time at the hospital.

I will learn my arrival time at the hospital between 3 and 4 on the 19th.

I am ordering my post-op vitamins, calcium, and iron today.

We only covered the first two weeks of post-op diet since I have a two week followup. The first two weeks is ALL liquid. For four days, I’m restricted to clear liquids. Days five through fourteen, I can have full liquids. Whoopee for full liquids! šŸ™„

I’m feeling good about the process, though. Onward and upward!

Published by Angela

Iā€™m a married prosecuting attorney, mother of three aged 3-28, grandmother to a toddler and scheduled to have Gastric Bypass RNY on 2/20/20. Follow my journey.

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