The surgery on Thursday want great. it took a tad longer than expected due to the hiatal hernia repair. It took about four hours.

I stayed in the hospital two night instead of one due to my struggle with the pain and nausea. Last night, after getting home, I began vomiting. Fortunately, it didn’t last that long or I would have had to call the surgeon. It scared me nonetheless, though. The doctors are pretty clear that they’d like to avoid you vomiting at all costs.

I feel better today than I did yesterday (although the bar was pretty low). I’m praying that my recovery will speed up tomorrow when I am allowed to begin full fluids again (things like protein shakes and Greek yogurt).

Published by Angela

I’m a married prosecuting attorney, mother of three aged 3-28, grandmother to a toddler and scheduled to have Gastric Bypass RNY on 2/20/20. Follow my journey.

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