Week Post-Op

I’m officially a week out of surgery today. the physical pain has mostly subsided. Now the challenge is coming in the form of diminished energy and, even more significantly, the mental aspect of being an RNY patient.

I’m still on a full liquid diet, and it’s miserable. I would do darn near anything for some solid food. So far, I’ve predominantly been eating protein shakes, sugar free fat free pudding, and sugar free fat fre Greek Yogurt. Those things have gone fine.

I have also experimented with some cream soup twice, though. That has gone decidedly less well. The first time was a few days ago. The aftermath made me feel like garbage. I figured that I just wasn’t ready for it and decided to try it again in a few days. That day was today.

I spent most of the afternoon feeling like crap. I don’t even think it was dumping. I think it is just a heavier food and, therefore, trickier to catch that exact moment when my body says “no thanks. I’m done.” The trick, I think, is that I’m not slowing down enough to eat. While that is scary to contemplate since I will eventually be transitioned to more and more heavy foods. On the other hand, I guess I should be grateful for the fact that I’m catching on now.

So, the answer to any questions as to how I’m doing is, I’m exhausted and overwhelmed still.

Published by Angela

I’m a married prosecuting attorney, mother of three aged 3-28, grandmother to a toddler and scheduled to have Gastric Bypass RNY on 2/20/20. Follow my journey.

4 thoughts on “Week Post-Op

  1. Hey! Glad to see you’re making it through. I had my pre op appointment today and they scheduled my surgery for 4/1, after they made me think i was going to have it two weeks from today and do a 2 week liquid diet ASAP. I’m a little disappointed as I’ve been gearing up for this surgery.. preparing for this grueling long ass liquid diet. I feel like they’ve been stringing me along. I know it’s tough right now but we are making this choice to better ourselves. You got this. You’re going to be successful!! We’ve worked too hard not to be.

    I saw a blog post by someone else that said they would buy 1oz containers with lids and pre fill them with various items. Then my mom said to treat my stomach like it’s a newborns lol. Everything is such a mental obstacle. Mind over matter! I use my sons baby spoons that are super small when I’m wanting to eat ice cream or anything i want to slowly eat, as our brain is being tricked thinking it’s taking in a lot but really I’ve taken in barely anything.

    My surgeon said most of his RNY patients go back to work after 10 days. Do you feel like you would be ready that soon??


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