It Just Got Real!

I am two days shy of 6 weeks out. Shit just got real! I dropped below 250 pounds. That’s a milestone that I have not been able to achieve since putting on the weight regardless of what diet I tried.

It’s been a struggle. It’s still a struggle. My stomach is still healing, I guess, because it’s still a challenge finding food that I can tolerate. I get nauseous after eating at least five days out of seven. And, I actually get sick about once a week.

Technically, I move on to full solid foods next Thursday. That seems bizarre to me since I’m still having issues eating. I guess I’ll be able to experiment with more foods. Frankly, I’m afraid too, though!

All that being said, I have gotten my appetite back (if you can call a strong desire to eat 2-3 ounces of food an appetite!). So, I’m not sure if moving on to full solids is just a license to get sick more often or not.

The struggles with eating are SO frustrating that if I had experienced any significant stalls (as is common), I may well be regretting my decision my now. Thank heavens that hasn’t happened. So, for now I’m over 36 pounds down and still falling.

Published by Angela

I’m a married prosecuting attorney, mother of three aged 3-28, grandmother to a toddler and scheduled to have Gastric Bypass RNY on 2/20/20. Follow my journey.

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