Seeing the Change

I’ve lost 53 pounds in two and a half months. I know that I’ve lost size. Clothes that I was wearing are loose. Clothes that I couldn’t wear suddenly fit. I’ve also been taking monthly pictures and doing before and after photos. when I look at those pictures, I see a difference but it has never felt as dramatic as I feel like it should be. I mean – I’ve lost more than a third of what I want to lose in only two and a half months!

Yesterday, I was contemplating this phenomenon and realizing it must be body dysmorphia. Given that I was wearing the same style and size shirt that I wore on the day of my surgery in my before photo, I decided to take a fresh set of after photos.

The result was pretty shocking. Suddenly, I saw it. The difference is pretty significant. Yes, I’ve still got a long way to go, but I have come a long way, too! So today, instead of being annoyed with how slow my journey is progressing, I’m astonished by how rapidly it’s progressing. Unfortunately, my brain is slower to catch up then my body.

Published by Angela

I’m a married prosecuting attorney, mother of three aged 3-28, grandmother to a toddler and scheduled to have Gastric Bypass RNY on 2/20/20. Follow my journey.

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