70 Pounds Down

Looking a this picture is just mind blowing. It’s difficult to see a significant difference for me because I see myself every day. So, I’ve been looking in the mirror thinking – wherein the world is the weight that I’m losing coming off of?! Don’t get me wrong, I see some difference. Plus, logically I know that I’m dropping clothing sizes. So, it’s clearly coming off. Looking at the picture, though, I see a difference in my belly, in . . . well . . . above my belly, my face, and even my arms!

Yesterday I actually went to get new pants for the first time. I had a pair of skinny jeans. Those were starting to get loose, though. The problem was – I had no clue what size to buy and all the dressing rooms are closed due to COVID! So, I guessed. I started out at a very tight 22 (so, a 24 realistically). A few days ago, our family walked the block and a half to get to our family pool. I wasn’t feeling well. Knowing I wasn’t going to swim. I just wore shorts and a t-shirt. Given the lack of shopping, I wore an old pair of 22 shorts. N the way back from the pull, without apparent impetus, my pants fell. I don’t mean that they started to slip down. I mean – had it not been for fast reflexes AND a long shirt, there would’ve been a show! So, I guessed an 18.

So, there I am yesterday standing in Penny’s realizing that the standard Women’s section goes up to 18. So, I definitely enter into the mind frame of – I can’t be an 18 because there is no chance I’m out of the plus section. Nonetheless, I grab a pair of work pants, a pair of jeans, and a couple pairs of shorts. Quite honestly, I was thinking, I’ll probably have to come back tomorrow to exchange these for whatever size I should actually be buying (but cannot know for sure due to the closed dressing rooms!). So, I come home and try on the clothes that I had purchased. They fit! So, here I am standing in my size 18 pants and nearly in tears thinking about the fact that I won’t need to shop in the plus size section anymore.

On a completely less encouraging note, I’ve got an upper GI scheduled for Tuesday morning due to the gastrointestinal issues I’ve been having. The surgeon will review those results with me. Until then, I am to take a Prilosec every day and a couple of swigs (yes, this was the doctor’s medical terminology) of Maalox every morning and evening. If I’m still having issues at the time we review the Upper GI and the Upper GI dosent explain what’s going on, then I’ll have to get an endoscopy. During this period of diagnosis, I’m supposed to be eating soft foods. Since I do not eat seafood, for me, that consists of protein shakes, Greek yogurt, fat free retried beans, and deli chicken or turkey. So, my diet bites right now. With any luck, they will get it figured out and treated soon so that I can eat a few things again!

Published by Angela

I’m a married prosecuting attorney, mother of three aged 3-28, grandmother to a toddler and scheduled to have Gastric Bypass RNY on 2/20/20. Follow my journey.

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